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Android APK


Omnipresense is an omni-directional modular robotics platform for full telepresence VR immersion with Natural interaction control using RGBD camera with (Nite 2.0) (Open Ni 2.2) and onboard phone IMU.

Feature Video

DEMO Video


  • Pyton server running on Raspberry Pi 2/Intel Galileo accepts the socket UDP stream from the RGBD sensor and IMU from the phone and maps the user movement to the onboard camera by controlling the stepper.
  • Full body and hand tracking is performed using features extracted from NITE 2.0 middleware and sent as a UDP stream to python server.
  • Custom Android App for Screen Splitting in Google Cardboard session.

Base Platform

Track 1

Modular Stages

Track 1

Build Instructions

Body and hand tracking compilation was done using Visual Studio and requires NITE 2.0 and OpenNI2 libraries.