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Easily Integrate Stripe Payment Processor with Mal's E-commerce
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Stripe4Mal >> A reasonably quick way to connect Mal's E-commerce to
by Quinn Ebert ( or #TheLobby on IRC.TBRN.NET)
on Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011 at 3:18 PM US/Eastern (Greensboro, NC)



Here's what you'll need:
 * an account at
 * an account at, really, that's it!

Now, read the "HOW-TO.pdf" file, included in this package.  It has BOTH text
and graphical representations of how to set this thing up.

If you're really good with your mouse and keyboard, you can probably have this
all hooked up in less than 10 minutes.  And, if you have problems with it, I
can help you for a very small fee of $10 -- just contact me on the IRC server
listed above -- but 95%+ of folks should be able to hammer this out in a few
minutes with no problems of any kind at all.



I am releasing this into the wild in the hope that it will be generally useful
and that it might get me some recognition in the greater Internet community.

If you feel like being very generous, however, may I suggest one one of the
following ways of thanking me?..

 * Send me some cash by PayPal (meet me on IRC for details)
 * Consider me for a job (I can do almost anything IT-related)
 * Consider me as an employee (B.S. in Network Security as of December 2011!)
 * Let one of your fellow business owners know about me.
 * Let one of your fellow business owners know about my script package.
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