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Browser based simulator for ev3dev-lang-python
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Browser based simulator for ev3dev-lang-python

This simulator was created to allow students to experiment with Python EV3DEV, even without an actual EV3 available.


The simulator is meant to be served through a webserver. Download all files and put them in a directory on your server and that should be it. Due to CORS protection on web browsers, it will not work when served from a "file://" URL.

If you have Python3 installed on your computer, you can try changing to the ev3devSim directory and running...

python -m http.server 1337

This should get the site running on http://localhost:1337 (...try if that doesn't work). Do not close the window with the Python command running.


Created by A Posteriori. Check out our other EV3DEV project; ev3fast.

This simulator would not have been possible without the great people behind:

EV3DEV Skulpt Ace


GNU General Public License v3.0

Ace is included here for convenience and can be found in the directory ace-src-min. Please refer to the Ace website for license information.

Skulpt is included here for convenience. Please refer to the Skulpt website for license information.

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