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Build depends:
GCC or Clang compiler
SQLite version 3.6.19 or newer
Qt version 4.7.* or 4.8.* or 5.4.*
Required Qt development tools:
Required Qt libraries:
QtSql compiled with sqlite support
Instructions for Linux and other UNIX-like systems:
mkdir _build && cd _build
qmake CONFIG+=release PREFIX=/usr ../
make -j3
make install
Instead of -j3 make option you can use -j<number of your CPU cores + 1>.
For making debug build use CONFIG+=debug instead of CONFIG+=release.
By default qmake uses gcc, for using clang you need to alter qmake command:
qmake QMAKE_CC=clang QMAKE_CXX=clang++ QMAKE_LINK=clang++ QMAKE_LINK_C=clang CONFIG+=release PREFIX=/usr ../
For building with system qtsingleapplication add SYSTEMQTSA=1 to qmake command.
For building without phonon add DISABLE_PHONON=1 to qmake command.
Instruction for Windows:
Visual Studio:
qmake CONFIG-=debug_and_release CONFIG-=debug -tp vc -platform win32-msvc2013
Due to a qmake bug, you will need to manually edit the generated .vcxproj and .filters file, to fix error messages on opening VS2013.
To do this, identify the duplicate set of items based on the error message (all within the same item group),
and delete from the starting <ItemGroup> tag, to the closing </ItemGroup> tag.
Instructions for Mac OS:
cd /path/to/build
qmake -recursive -spec macx-g++ CONFIG+=release CONFIG+=x86_64 /path/to/quiterss/
make -j3
make install
cd /path/to/build/release/target
macdeployqt -dmg
Instead of -j3 make option you can use -j<number of your CPU cores + 1>.