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this information is obselete, see this repo's supermodule


To run, make sure you have the following installed

  • Java 8
  • docker [./ might help you properly install this]
  • maven

The ./ allows you to run the application on a remote server. The script will build the image but then instead of running the image as a container locally, the script will ssh into a remote server, copy the image to the remote server, then run the image as a container on the remote server. This is not the standard way of sending a docker image to a remote box (that would be using a Docker Registry), nor is it particularly efficient but it works. To run this scriot, you will need to create a file in the root level of the repo called config.txt. This file must be a text file with 3 lines. line 1 is the location of the .pem file (or whatever you're using as a key) to access the server. line 2 is the username of the remote server. line 3 is the ip of the remote server. The config.txt file is git-ignored. The remote server needs to have docker pre-installed on it, it also of course must be set up with ssh, it requires no other configuration.

To terminate the site, you should go learn how to use docker, but to put it simply, use docker ps to find the container you just ran and then use docker rm -f to terminate it. to keep things clean, use docker rmi to remove the image.

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