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<title>Zip Code Range and Distance Calculation Class for PHP 5</title>
<h1>Zip Code Range and Distance Calculation Class for PHP 5</h1>
This is the example (example.php) shows how to calculate the distance between
U.S. zip codes and find all zip codes within a distance from a known zip
<h3>More Information</h3>
source code and downloads on Github.</li>
<li>My blog post: <a
href="">PHP 5
Zip Code Range and Distance Calculation</a>.</li>
// connect to the MySQL database with the zip code table
mysql_connect('localhost', 'YOUR DB USER', 'YOUR PASSWORD');
mysql_select_db('YOUR DB NAME');
// you can instantiate ZipCode with a zip code or with city and state
$portland = new ZipCode("97214");
$ventura = new ZipCode("Ventura, CA");
You can get the distance to another location by specifying a zip code,
city/state string, or another ZipCode object. You can specify whether you want
to get the distance in miles or kilometers.
echo "<h2>Get the distance between 2 zip codes</h2>";
$distance1 = round($portland->getDistanceTo("98501"), 2);
$distance2 = round($portland->getDistanceTo($ventura, ZipCode::UNIT_KILOMETERS), 2);
$distance3 = round($portland->getDistanceTo("Salem, OR"), 2);
echo "Zip code <strong>$portland</strong> is <strong>$distance1</strong> miles away from "
."zip code <strong>98501</strong><br/>";
echo "Zip code <strong>$portland</strong> is <strong>$distance2</strong> <em>kilometers</em> away from "
."the city <strong>$ventura</strong><br/>";
echo "Zip code <strong>$portland</strong> is <strong>$distance3</strong> miles away from "
."the city <strong>Salem</strong><br/>";
You can get all of the zip codes within a distance range from teh zip. Here we
are doing all zip codes between 0 and 2 miles. The returned array contains the
distance as the array's key and the array element is another ZipCode object.
echo "<h2>Get all zip codes between 10 and 15 miles from 97214</h2>";
foreach ($portland->getZipsInRange(10, 15) as $miles => $zip) {
$miles = round($miles, 1);
echo "Zip code <strong>$zip</strong> is <strong>$miles</strong> miles away from "
." <strong>$portland</strong> ({$zip->getCounty()} county)<br/>";
echo "<h2>Dump Database Row</h2>";
echo '<pre>';
echo '</pre>';