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LCARS Alexa Skill in WebAPI

Novel interactions with the Star Trek computer voice known as LCARS.

Written in C#/Web API2. Features:
-Basic dynamic Alexa response
-SSML demo example
-Custom slot type handling
-SSML Speechcon example
-Security handling for certificate
-Ensures Amazon-only server requests get through
-Improved handling of help intents and error states

Originally hosted on Azure Apps Service. Sound files hosted on Amazon S3.

Sample Conversation

"Alexa, start LCARS."
ALEXA: "Hello, this is Starship U.S.S. Enterprise."

"Alexa, ask LCARS to say hello."
ALEXA: acknowledgement beep "Yes, Commander?."

"How are you feeling?"
ALEXA: "Well, well. Booyah."

"Red alert"
ALEXA: distress sound "Red alert." distress sound

"Access code {alpha alpha three zero five}" (You may say any code here)
ALEXA: "Command code alpha alpha 305 has been verified. Proceed."

"Set course for starbase {STS 112} warp {6}" (words in brackets take in any word) ALEXA: "Course laid in for {starbase}. Ready at your command."

ALEXA: warp sound

ALEXA: "Say hello, red alert, your access code or cancel to exit."

ALEXA: "Acknowledged."

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