Spell checking plugin using Hunspell and HTML5 Notifications plugin for QtWebKit.
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QtWebKit plugins

Set of QtWebKit platform plugins for the latest QtWebKit 2.3 version.

QtWebKit plugin that provides support for spell checking using the Hunspell library.

QtWebKit plugin that provides support for showing HTML5 Notifications through DBus org.freedesktop.Notifications.

Although this plugin was written for QupZilla web browser, it has no dependency on it and can be used with every QtWebKit based application.

NOTE: This plugin is only useful for other QtWebKit applications. It is already included in QupZilla Web Browser.


  • Qt 4.8 and higher or Qt 5.0 and higher
  • QtWebKit 2.3 or version from Qt 5
  • Hunspell library + dictionaries (any recent version will do fine)


$ qmake
$ make && make install

Plugin will then be installed into $QTDIR/plugins/webkit directory.


In order to provide spell checking, dictionaries needs to be found and loaded.
This plugin is looking for possible directories by parsing DICTIONARY and DICPATH environment variables. If those variables are not set, the plugin will look for dictionaries in /usr/share/hunspell/.


export DICPATH=/home/user/hunspell/

Will try to load: