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Latest commit c332d30 May 2, 2016 1 @jbambas jbambas committed with nowrep Readability pull request (#61)
* Added initial files of Readability plugin.

* Modified rendering of readability view.

* Added Readablility side Toolbar.

* Code refactoring of JS functions.

* Added README, fixed bug of readability with any types of pages.

* Incorporation of comments from pull request.

* Added copyright, deleted unused file.

* Replacement methods split() and join() for method remove(), code refactoring.

* Deleted unused method.

QupZilla Web Browser

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The easiest way to build external plugins is to copy plugin directories into QupZilla's source tree (eg. into src/plugins).

You can also build plugins out of the main source tree. In order to do that, you need to set two environment variables, namely $QUPZILLA_PLUGINS_SRCDIR and $QUPZILLA_SRCDIR, both pointing to the correct directory.