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In this wiki you will find an overview about all extensions available for use in QupZilla. In addition it will give you information about the configuration, usage and benefit of them.

General Configuration

The activation and setup of the extensions will be done via Preferences -> Extensions -> Application Extensions:

home1 Image 1: Preferences-Window

In order to use the QupZilla-extensions please check Allow Application Extensions to be loadedat the top of the configuration window and then select the extension(s) you are going to work with by hitting the checkbox.

Some extensions require an individual configuration. In this case simply select this extension and the Settings-button will be accessible (in Image 1 it is greyed out):

home2 Image 2: Individual Setup

The individual configuration of the extensions is described on the corresponding wiki-page.

Another place where you find information about the extensions used in QupZilla is in Configuration Information, section Extensions:

home3 Image 3: Configuration Information

As you can see, this overview will display information about other browser extensions like for example the flash-player as well. If you have trouble with extensions, please check in this overview if the particular extension is listed correctly.

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