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Version 1.3.1
* released 16 July 2012
* Ctrl+= shortcut for + zoom in webview
* Ctrl+Enter shortcut in PIM plugin now also works with enter on numpad
* don't append QupZilla string to changed user agent
* fixed ' and " chars in speed dial's input fields
* fixed zooming with Ctrl+Wheel for some users
* fixed issues with cookies filtering
* fixed $subdocument matching in AdBlock
* fixed $third-party in AdBlock rules when Referer header is empty
* fixed issue with notification settings always reverting to osd notifications
* fixed downloading UTF-8 subscriptions in AdBlock (eg. Ru Adlist)
Version 1.3.0
* released 11 July 2012
* new Ukrainian translation
* new plugins: GreaseMonkey and PIM (Personal Information Manager)
* new command line option to open new window with url
* can now open .xhtml files from open file dialog
* added animated tab previews with option to turn animations off
* possibility to change icon of bookmarks
* ssl manager now can import own certificate
* clear recent history now remembers last checked options
* new urlbar completion widget can now show also entries from bookmarks
* little changes in speed dial's preferences
* support for 3rd party subscriptions in AdBlock
* improved performance of AdBlock rules matching
* possibility to add subscriptions with loading abp: links
* private browsing is now opened in new window and new process
* improved AdBlock dialog distinguishes rule types with colors
* popup windows now have loading animation in urlbar
* new gif for loading animation (spinner)
* possibility to add RSS feed into external reader
* option to specify preferred behaviour when opening new tab
* inverting preferred new tab behaviour with shift modifier (eg. shift+middle click on link)
* better support for Content-Disposition header (downloads)
* Linux: middle clicking on add tab button will open new tab with global mouse selection's contents
* Linux: generating backtrace and saving it into file upon application crash
* Windows: fixed theme loading delay (showing ugly interface for a second when starting app)
* fixed all issues with saving passwords (i hope so)
* fixed saving passwords on some sites (parsing WebKit's data format)
* fixed "go to web address" action when newlines were in string
* fixed excessive ssl warnings when rejecting untrusted certificate
* fixed dragging the whole text from some labels
* fixed handling special characters when searching with shortcuts in urlbar
* fixed "open external protocol" dialog overflowing out of desktop if url is too long
* fixed "hide when there is only one tab" option in preferences
* fixed "close other tabs" action in tabbar context menu
* fixed rss popup in urlbar overflowing out of desktop if feed's title is too long
* fixed animations occasionally stop working without any reason
Version 1.2.0
* released 5 April 2012
* Brazilian Portuguese, Indonesian, Georgian, Japanese and Romanian translation
* added information about configuration page qupzilla:config
* added option to show only icons in bookmarks toolbar
* added alt+d shortcut for focusing urlbar
* added possibility to import bookmarks folder structure on html import
* added option to create search engines from input element on page
* added "don't load tabs until selected" option when restoring session
* added option to separate http and https proxy configuration
* added new page into site info: databases
* added command line option to open url in current tab
* support for utf-8 filenames in Content-Disposition header (downloads)
* support for whitelisting/blacklisting cookies
* improved source viewer, it now shows line numbers
* improved html import - support for importing folders
* improved performance of bookmarks import and deleting
* sending referer header when opening new tab from webview
* user agent workaround for google sites
* fixed history of frames not saving
* fixed loading unicode urls from command line
* fixed removing local certificates
* fixed dark color of text in urlbar when using dark theme
* fixed garbled rendering of desktop notifications
* fixed text in urlbar on https sites when using dark theme
* fixed not saving cookies on crash
* fixed option not to send Referer header to servers
* fixed showing bad total + downloaded size when starting download
* fixed toggling WebInspector
Version 1.1.8
* released 14 February 2012
* added Swedish, Serbian and Traditional Chinese translation
* added option to set Minimum font size in web pages
* added option to edit bookmark from bookmarks toolbar context menu
* added option to enable/disable HTML5 local storage (and to clear it)
* added option not to send Referer header to servers
* added option to use external download manager
* added option to add/remove page in speed dial from bookmark star icon
* added option to import/export passwords into xml file
* added option to change user agent
* added global shortcuts for loading sites in speed dial (Ctrl+1,2,...9)
* added global shortcuts for switch to tabs (Alt+1,2,3...9)
* added possibility to create new rss feeds in rss manager
* added alt+left/right click shortcuts to navigate in page history
* restoring / saving pinned tabs only on first window
* Paste & Go option in urlbar and websearchbar
* support for JavaScript Popup windows
* improved History menu -> added Most visited menu here
* don't saving icons in private mode
* improved and refactored context menu on page
* little improvements in speed dial
* using global QSettings object, should save some writed to disk
* remember last folder when saving new bookmarks
* disabling adblock on local schemes
* showing size of file going to be downloaded
* improved browser responsibility when loading a lot of cookies/history
* possibility to change background in Speed Dial
* possibility to change number of dials in row in Speed Dial
* possibility to change maximum number of dials in a row in Speed Dial
* using QImages to store icons in database now - older icons won't work!
* fixed showing file type when download file
* fixed saving usernames with spaces in password manager
* fixed loading of some rss feeds
* fixed loading incomplete urls in speed dial
* fixed all crashes/issues with web inspector
* fixed memory leak when canceling download
* fixed open new tab after active option
* fixed saving of sidebar width
* fixed occasional fails to restore session
* fixed occasional crash when closing tabs/windows
* fixed wrong tab focus order
* fixed loss of speed dial settings
* fixed cancelled downloads now no longer leak memory
* fixed showing of "Are you sure to close x tabs?" question
* fixed searching strings with special characters
* fixed sending report in Report Bug page
Version 1.1.5
* released 7 January 2012
* added Portuguese, French, Greek translation
* support for loading long locale named qt translations
* support for printing page through javascript window.print()
* context menu in webview now handles also frames
* using own CA certificates database instead of system one (+ automatic updates)
* improved commandline options, possibility to use multiple options at once
* hiding new tab while moving tabs
* using bigger icons in Linux default theme
* opens all bookmarks from folder on middle click
* Ctrl+Enter in urlbar now appends .com & start loading
* opening links in new tab now opens new tab next to current tab
* drag&drop site icon on bookmarks toolbar creates bookmark
* improved performance of deleting history entries -> moved into separate thread
* fixed loading of local files from menu file -> open file...
* fixed showing rss feeds without title
* fixed searching on page when highlight is enabled + added shortcuts
* fixed Click2Flash plugin and enables it by default again
* fixed crash when closing WebInspector with QtWebKit 2.2
* fixed crash in Click2Flash plugin when element is not found
* fixed "hide tabs when there is only one tab" option
* fixed cookies loss when closing browser with private browsing
* fixed overflowing bookmarks toolbar when there is a lot of bookmarks
* fixed going to history items in history back/forward menu in new tab
* fixed showing custom rules in AdBlock
* fixed problem with downloading with right click -> download link
* fixed suggestions for google and youtube
Version 1.1.0
* released 14 December 2011
* option to turn on XSS Auditing
* option to select all text in urlbar when clicking on it
* added Speed Dial
* possibility to select + copy text on a lot of labels
* improved source code viewer performance + highlighting
* importing bookmarks from html files
* restoring closed tabs now remember position
* multiple sizes icon in linux
* fixed saving certificate exception
* fixed overriding cursor by some flash objects
* fixed problem with loading urls with % characters from history
* fixed favicon of qupzilla internal pages in ubuntu
* fixed loading of user defined stylesheet
* fixed saving of user defined fonts
Version 1.0.0
* released 9 November 2011
* possibility to place folders on bookmarks toolbar
* password manager has now all passwords hidden by default
* added a lot of keyboard shortcuts
* fixed right click on back/next buttons shows menu
* fixed fetching icons in bookmarks importing
* fixed duplicated entries in back/next menus
* fixed problem with adding addition tab when restoring more windows
* fixed error handling in download manager
* fixed various crashes
* fixed updating AdBlock EasyList
* fixed html highlighter
Version 1.0.0-rc1
* possibility to delete click2flash object on page
* improved SSL Manager (you can add paths to look for CA Certs)
* Search Engines Manager + OpenSearch support with suggestions
* add tab button is now shown next to last tab
* you can open bookmark / history entry in new tab with middle button
* fixed problem with bookmarks toolbar
* fixed loading animation ending with page still loading
* fixed occasional problem with updating address when going next/back in history
* fixed crash when clearing history
Version 1.0.0-beta4
* from this version, QupZilla is now fully skinnable
* introduced 4 basic themes including Chrome, Windows and Mac theme
* private browsing is now indicated in window title
* added qupzilla: scheme - qupzilla:about, qupzilla:reportbug and new start page qupzilla:start
* saving and restoring position and size of window
* added "page screenshot" feature
* fixed occasional problem with searching on Google from location bar
* fixed crash in download manager
Version 1.0.0-beta3
* whole urlbar has been rewritten - now every tab has own separate urlbar
* click2flash now offers information about flash object
* when downloading file with the name it already exists, it will be automatically renamed
* history in menubar is refreshed only when needed, not with every click
* added new library containing bookmarks, history and rss manager in single window
* rewritten all animations, they are now smoother
* fixed performance issue with web icons
Version 1.0.0-beta2
* fixed issue with downloading secured content on Windows
* image previews in site information dialog now properly handle relative links
* reload with bypass cache feature (Shift+F5)
* if download content is offered in empty tab with empty history, thus will be closed
* hovered link url is shown even when statusbar is hidden
* option to specify own CSS Style loaded with every page
* fixed and enhanced command line interface
* private browsing now uses temporary cookie jar
* javascript prompts/alerts/confirms are now non-blocking
* JumpList for Windows 7 integration
Version 1.0.0-beta1
* duplicate panel feature added
* added sidebars for history and bookmarks
* close other tabs now keep pinned tabs open
* option to hide 'add new tab' button
* fixed some bugs in downloadmanager (with W7API also)
* rewritten icon database, no longer forgetting icons
* navigation in fullscreen is automatically showing/hiding
* added support for notifications (OSD + native desktop on Linux)
* added support for configuring Proxy (system configuration or your own)
Version 0.9.9
* pinning tab feature added
* basic AdBlock support
* fixed some issues with restoring sessions
* new Site Informations dialog including preview of pictures at the page
* download manager now offers option to just open file (downloaded into temp folder)
* added profiles support
* edited look of some widgets for Windows Vista/7
Version 0.9.8
* added character encoding option in View menu
* added option to change default fonts in Preferences
* source viewer has now more features including HTML highlighter
* option to specify how long history you want to delete from Clear Recent History in Tools menu
* improved Windows installer, you can now choose which component to install
Version 0.9.7
* fixed Flash issues on Windows
* added SSL Exceptions Manager
* added animated notifications for "save password" dialog
Version 0.9.6
* fixed some issues with user background
* added option to change font color (for dark backgrounds)
* improved bookmarks / history / RSS Reader
* new Windows installer
* initial support for Plugins
Version 0.9.5
* support for user specific background image for browser
* new icons in navigation bar
* brand new browser icon
* new About dialog
Version 0.9.4
* completely new design preferences + few changes in browser design
* network disk cache added to speed up browsing
* new options in preference with option to change maximum disk quota for cache
* complete integration into Linux desktop
* fixes in Debian packages
Version 0.9.3
* another stability improves
* added autosaver in case of browser crash
* improved saving and restoring sessions with multiple windows
* first Debian package for Linux
Version 0.9.2
* lot of bugs fixed, including crash fixes
* improved stability and speed of browser
* added source viewer (without highlighting for now)
* added simple download manager
Version 0.9.1
* added bookmarks and history manager
* added RSS Reader + indicator to location bar whether the page offers feeds
* new design for Windows Vista/7
Version 0.9.0
* first version written in C++, built with mingw32
* almost all features from Python version implemented
* finally fixed all problems relating to tabs
* HTML5 supported from this version, including offline storage
* added cookies manager
* added simple Windows installer
Version 0.x.x
* written in Python
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