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Qupzilla load flash content incorrectly #264

smarquespt opened this Issue · 5 comments

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Hi, fails to load with 1.1.8. is a website that displays several sports games. The site works fine, but when trying to load flash content the image is wrong.

With 1.1.5 used to load fine. Can You check it?


Please, load a screenshot with wrong image to special server and give us a link.


Sure. Here it is.

I´m using portable version on vista.

But I think it´s better if you try it. This way you can see for yourself.



It looks like QtWebKit 2.2 issue on windows, can you test it with qttestbrowser? (link at the bottom of page)

Maybe can you send exact link on video that is not working?


With qttest happens the same issue. About the video, it happens with all I´ve tried. But main thing is 1.1.5 works and 1.1.8 not. Any changes in QtWebKit from one version to another?


In 1.1.5, Qt 4.7.4 & QtWebKit 2.0 was used
In 1.1.8, Qt 4.8.0 & QtWebKit 2.2 is used ... unfortunately, some things have been fixed and some new bugs have been introduced.

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