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About project

QupZilla is a new, fast and secure open-source WWW browser. QupZilla is licensed under GPL version 3 or (at your option) any later version.
This project has been started mainly for educational reasons to learn Qt/C++ basics.
From the basic idea of writing a simple web browser it grew up to an every day usable very fast web browser. Though it cannot be a full replacement for big browsers like Firefox (yet). However it can be, and surely is, a fast & small alternative to quickly browse the web.

QupZilla is developed and maintained by the project owner David Rosca <> with help from other contributors, mainly in graphics and translations to foreign languages.


With every version, QupZilla is trying to include new features. Currently QupZilla implements all standard web browser features. In addition to this, QupZilla provides a lot of interesting features like

  • Very fast startup - QupZilla is ready to use at lightning speed
  • Very fast browsing - with QWebKit core, QupZilla renders pages in a moment
  • SSL Certificate Manager - never lets you visit pages with bad certificates without notification
  • Search Engines Manager - with OpenSearch support and suggestions
  • Browser Themes - with themes support, you can easily make your browser look unique!
  • Speed Dial - access your favourite pages easily
  • Windows 7 API - QupZilla is using Windows 7 TaskBar JumpLists and background blur
  • Cross Platform - supports for all major platforms and allows to use it everywhere
  • Extensions - AdBlock, GreaseMonkey, Mouse Gesture, Access Keys Navigation and more ...

You can also use a command line interface to interact with QupZilla.

Usage: qupzilla [options] URL

QupZilla options:
  -h or --help                            print this message 
  -a or --authors                         print QupZilla authors 
  -v or --version                         print QupZilla version 

  -p=PROFILE or --profile=PROFILE         start with specified profile 
  -ne or --no-extensions                  start without extensions 
  -po or --portable                       start in portable mode

Options to control running QupZilla:
  -nt or --new-tab                        open new tab
  -nw or --new-window                     open new window
  -pb or --private-browsing               start private browsing
  -dm or --download-manager               show download manager
  -fs or --fullscreen                     toggle fullscreen
  -nr or --no-remote                      open new browser instance
  -ct=URL or --current-tab=URL            open URL in current tab
  -ow=URL or --open-window=URL            open URL in new window
 Example: qupzilla
          will run QupZilla with page
          (or add tab with if already running)

Getting Involved

If you want to contribute to QupZilla in any way, feel free to contact me at for information or just fork me :-)

At the moment, I will be happy to find someone who can:

  • add new translations (see for more information)
  • add new themes (see for more information)
  • and more...

Available pages:

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