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First let me thank you for downloading and trying QupZilla!

(1) General

Although QupZilla is considered to be stable, it might happen, that you experience a problem while using it under very individual conditions. If this is the case we kindly ask you to check the following points first, before you open an issue:

  1. Make sure, that you have installed the latest QupZilla release.
    For QtWebkit-Engine: Version 1.8.9, released November 11, 2015
    For QtWebEngine: Version 2.0.2, released October 24, 2016

  2. Create a fresh profile (Preferences->General->Profiles), restart QupZilla and check if your issue still appears.

  3. Ensure, that your issue is reproducible!

  4. Have a look at the FAQ and check, if your issue is described here and provides you a proper solution.

  5. Search within the already filed issues for the same or a similar issue and a solution respectively.

If neither works, please open an issue here and provide the following information:

(2) What steps will reproduce the problem?

To identify your problem quickly, please briefly describe the procedure and steps that will lead to your problem.

Example description:

  1. Start QupZilla

  2. Open link http://yourlink.xyz

  3. Click on symbol ABC

  4. QupZilla does not work as expected

(3) What is the expected behaviour? What do you see instead?

Please let us know, what should happen when you perform the action described above.

Example: When clicking on symbol ABC, a window DEF should open. But nothing happens.

(4) What version of the application are you using? Which operating system?

Please select Help -> Configuration Information and paste the contents of this page into your bug report.


Configuration Information

(5) Please provide any additional information below.

It will help us also, if you run QupZilla in a terminal window and paste the output into the bug report. For doing this please refer to the FAQ and have a look at the topics

  • How can I get command line output in Windows?

  • How can I debug QupZilla in case of crash?

(6) Upstream Bugs

After analyzing your issue we might come to the result, that you are affected by an upstream bug. In this case the root cause lies in the Qt framework. We will not patch the Qt libraries to fix your specific issue, but we will file an upstream bug for it under the following circumstances:

  • Your issue is 100% reproducible
  • A detailed step-by-step procedure exists
  • Your issue can be reproduced with QtTestBrowser
  • A recent Qt-version (currently 5.4) is affected

We want to make sure, that QupZilla users will not have to suffer from a poor browsing experience. Thus, we are interested in getting upstream bugs solved quickly. But we will have to enable the Qt-developers to find the reason for the specific issue. This makes a detailed and reproducible bug report mandatory.

The following table reveals the QupZilla issues and their corresponding upstream bug:

QupZilla Description Upstream Description Status Fixed
#1832 Crash when laptop lid is closed. #42985 Qt GUI application disappear or crash when no screens are available Closed 5.5.0, 5.6.0 RC
#1744 Network access is disabled. #46323 QNAM does not report correct NetworkAccessibility Closed 5.5.2
#1623 Qupzilla unexpectedly terminated #45142 Specific website makes QtTestBrowser crash Reported
#1605 Qupzilla consumes insane amount of memory when searching on duckduckgo #44523 qt5-webkit crashes when searching on duckduckgo Solved 5.4.2
#1596 1.8.6 - CPU Usage High Percentages At Idle... #39475 Flood of timer events with started QOrientationSensor Reported
#1561 Java issue. Unable to type in fields #37732 Java applet is not working Reported
#1557 [Qt5] Application Layout still LTR even if it's language is RTL #43447 loading qt_*.qm for RTL languages don't set layout direction to Qt::RightToLeft Solved 5.5.0
#1551 Youtube html5 video flicker #43520 Youtube HTML5 video flashes in inverted colors once per second Solved 5.4.1
#1506 Flickering on Youtube like pages (top bar) #43339 Fixed topbar of youtube web-page flickers while scrolling this page. Reported
#1505 [Flash] Crash while jumping forward in a YouTube video #42190 Crash while jumping forward in a YouTube video Solved 5.4.0 RC
#1498 mouse cursror issues on websites & forms #39535 Text cursor glitches Reported
#1484 Keepassx Not Responding with 1.8.0 #42209 Qt does not set WM_NAME property Solved 5.5.0 beta
#1461 Qt5 QupZilla HTML5 Video has no time length (Infinity:NaN:NaN:NaN) #39656 Duration in the YoutubeView example is Infinity:NaN:NaN:NaN Reported
#1445 Qupzilla is dead slow on scrolling some web pages #40559 Scrolling lags/is unusable on uzbl github page Solved 5.5.0
#1444 Bad arabic text rendering/formatting #35836 Arabic text is badly broken Closed 5.7.0 RC
#1420 Auto-scroll doesn't work when doing downward drag-select #40182 Auto-scroll doesn't work when doing downward drag-select Reported
#1127 Fullscreen not working - Youtube - html5 #43625 Fullscreen in HTML5 video players does not work Reported
#1038 Copy and Paste into web forms broken #43149 Cannot copy/ paste data from owncloud to Qt-applications Solved 5.4.1

Thanks to all QupZilla users, who have reported or will report Qt-bugs upstream.

Our goal is to continuously improve QupZilla and of course give support to solve your issue quickly. The more and detailed information you provide the more quickly we are able to identify and solve your issue. Thank you for your cooperation.