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Spell Check

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Spell Check

Spell checking is available in QupZilla starting from 2.1 version when built with QtWebEngine 5.8. Currently, it supports only basic functionality and also needs custom format of dictionaries.


Dictionaries needs to be in special format that uses Chromium, with suffix .bdic. QtWebEngine 5.8 comes with utility to convert Hunspell dictionaries (.dic) to this format.

qwebengine_convert_dict /path/to/hunspell/dict.dic /output/path/to/created.bdic

Created bdic dictionaries then needs to be moved to one of the directories shown in the Preferences.

Windows download: qwebengine_convert_dict.exe (needs to be in same directory as QupZilla - it uses same libraries)

Missing features

Currently, as of QtWebEngine 5.8, following useful features are missing:

  • add words to custom dictionary
  • change path from which dictionaries are loaded

Available pages:

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