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I no longer use this extension and don't have plans for future updates. Please fork if you are interested in adding new features or maintaining this extension.

Atom YouCompleteMe package

YouCompleteMe for Atom



  • Semantic code completion using autocomplete+
  • Diagnostic display and quick fix using linter
  • Commands and context menus to query the type of variables or methods
  • Commands and context menus to go to declaration or definition
  • Go to declaration or definition with mouse click using hyperclick


  • alt+y t Get Type
  • alt+y p Get Parent
  • alt+y g Go To
  • alt+y i Go To Imprecise
  • alt+y c Go To Declaration
  • alt+y d Go To Definition


  • Install the package.
  • Configure the path to your python executable and ycmd installation.
    For detailed instructions and troubleshooting on building ycmd, see ycmd's README.
  • By default this package is enabled for C/C++/Objective-C/Objective-C++ only.
    You can enable other filetypes supported by YouCompleteMe in settings.
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