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# This config can be used to control the drawing of long duration false-colour Spectrograms
# It should NOT contain index related configuration data
# It should NOT contain dynamic data (like file names or analysis types)
ColorMap1: "RHZ-RVT-SPT"
#ColorMap1: "SPT-ENT-RHZ"
ColorMap2: "BGN-PMN-CVR"
#ColorMap2: "RHZ-RVT-SPT"
# The ColourFilter parameter determines how much the low index values are emphasized or de-emphasized.
# The purpose is to make low intensity features stand out (emphasis) or become less obvious (de-emphasis).
# This parameter applies a function that lies between y=x^-2 and y=x^2, i.e. between the square-root and the square.
# For an acoustic index value of X, newX = [(1/c - 1) * X^2 + X] * c, where c = the supplied filterCoeff.
# When filterCoeff = 1.0, small values are maximally emphasized, i.e. newX=sqrt(x).
# When filterCoeff = 0.0, the matrix remains unchanged, that is, newX=x.
# When filterCoeff =-1.0, small values are maximally de-emphasized, i.e. newX=x^2.
# Generally usage suggests that a value of -0.25 is suitable. i.e. a slight de-emphasis.
ColourFilter: -0.25
# minutes x-axis scale
XAxisTicIntervalSeconds: 3600
# Hertz y-axis scale
# Eventual options will be: Linear, Mel, Linear62Octaves31Nyquist11025, Linear125Octaves30Nyquist11025, Octaves24Nyquist32000, Linear125Octaves28Nyquist32000
# Only "Linear", "Linear125Octaves7Tones28Nyquist32000" work at present
FreqScale: "Linear"
YAxisTicInterval: 1000
# IndexPropertiesConfig: './IndexPropertiesConfigHiRes.yml'
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