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This directory contains a copy of
which seems to have other mirrors here and here:
The original "Makefile" (which would install the game when run with root
permissions) is now located in "Makefile.original"; the new "Makefile" is
written by me and merely builds "advent" in the current directory.
This is the version of "advent" that was shipped with version 1.x of MINIX,
sometime between 1987 and 1997. It was written by Robert R. Hall and contains
the version string "<Generic Adventure -- Version:7.0, July 1994>".
As the format of that version string implies, Hall's game is a port of Doug
McDonald's "<Generic Adventure 551 -- Version:6.6, August 1990>" (found here
in the MCDO0551/ subdirectory). Hall's version builds on top of Jerry Pohl's
C port (found here in the POHL0350/ subdirectory). Amazingly, Hall manages to
integrate Long's Infocom-style parser with Pohl's code, a feat almost as
impressive as Long's original modification of Woods' code.
Hall's version shares some misfeatures with Pohl's; for example, the dwarves
teleport randomly instead of wandering, and never block your way.
Interestingly, Hall modifies Long's game in at least two ways: the treacherous
path along the ledge to the west of Lost River leads not to the far side of
the troll bridge but merely to the low room (removing an alternative solution
to the troll puzzle), and acting "with your bare hands" actually causes you to
drop all your items. (The latter was not inherited from Pohl; it is unique to
Hall's version.)
Another interesting feature of Hall's game is its maximum score of 501 points.
This is (coincidentally?) the same number as the maximum score of David Long's
"Adventure 5", to which Doug McDonald added 50 points of treasures to create
his 551-point game. Hall doesn't remove McDonald's treasures; instead, he
removes 34 points of "starting bonus" (30 points for not dying and 4 points
for not quitting) and 16 points of unconditional "fudge" from Long and
McDonald's scoring system.
Long: 50 points just for showing up; 501 points total
McDonald: 50 points just for showing up (46 of them pro-rated); 50 points of new treasures; 551 points total
Hall: 0 points just for showing up; 50 points of new treasures; 501 points total
It's tempting to conclude that Hall must have known about Long's earlier
501-point game and deliberately tried to "restore" a 501-point maximum score,
perhaps not even realizing that his game contained two treasures not found
in Long's 501-point game. I have no evidence for this hypothesis, though.
Notice that even though this is a C port of "Adventure" distributed under the
command name "advent", it is NOT the same C port found in most Unix and Linux
distributions under the "bsdgames" package. That version was written by Jim
Gillogly for the Berkeley project circa 1991, and is a direct port of Woods'
Fortran code to C.