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The Makefile will invoke f77 (which you can install on Ubuntu
by running "sudo apt-get install fort77") to compile McDonald's
data-munger, and then run the munger to convert the plain-text
ADVDAT into a binary file ADVTXT. Meanwhile, we compile "aamain.f"
and "asubs.f" into an executable called "adv551". At runtime,
the executable expects ADVTXT to appear in the current working
McDonald's original documentation (circa 1990) is in the file
"advent.doc" in this directory. The game itself contains the
version string <Generic Adventure 551 -- Version:6.6, August 1990>.
As McDonald explains, this is a port (from some dialect of Fortran 66
into portable Fortran 77) and expansion of an earlier "Adventure"
due originally to David Long and perhaps including some anonymous
contributions before McDonald acquired it.
Long's 501-point game is for some reason version-numbered "Adventure 5",
and McDonald's version is therefore numbered "Adventure 6".
This is not to be confused with David Platt's 550-point early-1980s
expansion, sometimes referred to as "Adventure 3", which exists on a
completely disjoint branch of the Adventure family tree. (For Platt's
version, see the directories PLAT0550/ and ODWY0550/.)
Unlike David Platt, who wrote in a domain-specific language he
called "A-code" and sacrificed several of the game's simulationist
aspects for the sake of ease-of-implementation, Long started with
Woods' original code and preserved much of it, right down to the
original copious comments.
Compared to the original game, Long's 501-point version added
the Wumpus, elfin sword, River Styx, Alice puzzle, Altar,
Winery, natural bridge, Lost River Canyon, Flower Room, and
the combination safe in the Well House.
McDonald's 551-point version adds a Castle of the Elves; a quartz
sphere in the Crystal Palace; and a star sapphire in the Star Chamber.
These puzzles appear to be due to McDonald himself, even though at
the time he self-deprecatingly claimed to have added only "a small piece
of game" and even credited the "castle problem" to "an anonymous writer"
in the in-game "History of Adventure" text.
McDonald may also have removed a dead-end branch which appears in
the 501-point "Version 5.2/2"; or that branch may have been added
later, after McDonald's version split from Long's.
Russel Dalenberg's Adventure Family Tree postulates the existence
of an "Adventure 6.0" on the VAX, referred to as "ANON0551", but
unless this version was actually authored by McDonald, its existence
seems questionable to me.
McDonald's game is one of the bases for Robert R. Hall's 501-point [sic]
C port of "Adventure", done for the Minix project around 1994. Hall's
port is available here in the HALL0501/ subdirectory.
A 501-point Fortran version (dated "Version:5.2/2, October-79",
posted to in May 1990) is available at
Unfortunately, this version is not F77-friendly.
It has no Castle of the Elves; its crystal ball is "opal", not
"quartz"; it has nothing in the Star Chamber at all (although a
comment refers to a "sapphire" anyway); and it adds a Haunted
Chamber to the north of the awkward canyon. The Haunted Chamber
leads to a "bizarre room" containing a magic word apparently
designed to bring the room's statues to life, but in Version 5.2/2
the word is unimplemented. Russel Dalenberg's Adventure Family
Tree refers to this version as "ANON0501".
Johann "Myrkraverk" Oskarsson ported the above game to Fortran 77
in 2003; his port is available at