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This directory contains source code received from "Tom A" (meteoricshipyards@yahoo.com).
Tom's notes are in "readmefirst.txt".

  adventp.pdf - original source code printed out in 1986
  adventp.ocr.txt - OCRed text of adventp.pdf
  adventure_data.txt - data file received from George Richmond sometime
      between August 2015 and May 2016

Notice that the spacing in the source code shows signs of having had the word
"DWARF" changed to "ORC" throughout.  The data file (received 2015-2016)
still has the word "DWARF", and doesn't mention the word "ORC".

The source file also shows that the variable named RVALUE used to be named
something with five letters.

In two places, on lines with labels in the Pascal source code, the printed
source code had a carriage return with no accompanying line feed, which led
to overstriking. For the benefit of modern editors, I have added a newline
in the OCRed text in those cases rather than attempting to preserve the
raw carriage return.