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Masq-app is the web application that synchronizes and protects you data between your devices.


npm install
npm start

Deploy to Github pages

npm install
npm run deploy


To deploy in production:

  • Edit .env.production to point to the correct signalhubws server(s)
  • Set the homepage field in package.json to point to the url where masq-app will be accessible, then run:
npm install
npm run build

Then deploy the static files in the build/ folder.

Environment variables

For now we have to specify an env variable with the urls of the signalhubs (signalling server) that will be used. REACT_APP_SIGNALHUB_URLS

Remote webrtc

For Masq app to display a button showing the remote connection link and QR code and possibly use a STUN or TURN server, you will need to specify the following env variable.


To be able to connect between different devices, a STUN and TURN server might be needed, ou can set stun and turn servers with the following env variables. Multiple URLs can be specified as a single comma separated string.


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