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Web crawler for multi-threaded computers
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Mermoz ✈️

Web crawler for multi-threaded computers.

📢 Dear webmasters, we crawled your website? All the needed infos here 📢


  • First clone the current repository and which already contains urlfactory which is needed:
$ git clone
  • Go to the root directory of Mermoz and check that you got all the needed dependencies.

  • Finally compiling the code is really easy:

$ make


After doing the command make the binary are located whihin build/:

$ cd build
$ ./mermoz --settings file --seeds file

The settings file has the following format:

fetchers [num fetchers]
parsers [num parsers]
user-agent [user-agent]
max-ram [GB]

and the seeds file


Webmasters 💻

Probably, you see us crawling your website, we announce ourselves as:

Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; Qwantify/Mermoz/0.1; +; +

with the following IPs

⚠️ Something wrong? ⚠️

If when we visited your website something went wrong because of our crawler, we are sincerely sorry for this inconvenience. Actually, Mermoz is a research project still under development and highly perfectible.

Thus, please tell us what went wrong because of Mermoz by sending a message to this address: mermoz [at] qwantresearch [dot] com


This list is more or less like a memo:


Please first read and propose what you want or you can fix or add functionalities detailed within

For any questions, comments, or collaborations, please use: mermoz [at] qwantresearch [dot] com.

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