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This is the Mapbox GL basemap style used for Qwant Maps.


This style uses a vector tile schema adapted from OpenMapTiles (and is mostly compatible with OpenMapTiles).

Check out the taxonomy chart.


To mutualize some logic between Qwant Maps components, we use some config files to overwrite a few fields from the GL style template with our map style builder.

Here are the main files of this repo and their usage:

  • the style.json contains the GL style template. It looks like a regular GL style file but some fields will be overwritten at build time.
  • the tileschema_*.json files contain the tile schema (in TileJSON format). Mostly useful for debugging purposes.
  • the icons repository contains all the map icons. You can build a sprite and an icon-font from them with our map style builder
  • the i18n.yml file contains the algorithm to create map in any language (well ... almost any). Most name fields specified in the style.json will be overwritten at build time with this config
  • the icons.yml file contains the icons and text color to use for the points of interest. The text-color and the icons specified in the style.json will be overwritten at build time with this config


Thanks for considering to contribute ! ❤️

If you want to report bugs and make suggestions about Qwant Maps style, please use Qwant Maps central repository and provide screenshots.

If you know a bit about Mapbox GL Style format and want to send us some improvements, please read on ;)

You will need to install Qwant Maps style builder.


Build the style using our builder:

npm run build_all -- --style-dir=PATH/TO/YOUR/MAPSTYLE/FOLDER --conf=prod_conf.json --i18n=fr --webfont=true --icons=true

Then browse the build folder that has been created in your qwant-basic-gl-style folder: it contains

  • the generated GL style. If you are not from Qwant, you may want to use the OpenMapTiles version to contribute: style-omt.json
  • a few debug tools (check out the map style builder readme to learn more)


Our map style builder can check a few things and give you hints about errors you may have in your style or config files.


Our sprite icons