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Newer versions of wget do not use the file name from the redirected URL.

Explained in the README how to work around this. The option --trust-server-names
cannot be added by default as that would break older wget versions.
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Bruno Dumon authored and toddlipcon committed Mar 2, 2011
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@@ -59,6 +59,16 @@ If the downloads fail because of certificate problems, you can do:
WGET_OPTS=--no-check-certificate ./
+If the build fails and you find a file build/master then you have a
+version of wget which does not use the filename from the redirected URL.
+You can work around it with:
+ WGET_OPTS=--trust-server-names=on ./
+Or with both options:
+ WGET_OPTS=--no-check-certificate --trust-server-names=on ./
There are some other variables that can be overridden - simply look
at the top section of to learn what they are.

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