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Fixed CHANGES file for HBASE-4532 & HBASE-4611

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1 parent c9a03c0 commit e79ca9544530ebdcb1eb634b1a86aa6d04c5a0f4 Nicolas Spiegelberg committed Nov 1, 2011
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@@ -25,6 +25,7 @@ Release 0.93.0 - Unreleased
HBASE-4469 Avoid top row seek by looking up bloomfilter (liyin via jgray)
HBASE-4418 Show all the hbase configuration in the web ui
HBASE-4489 Better key splitting in RegionSplitter
+ HBASE-4532 Avoid top row seek by dedicated bloom filter for delete family bloom filter
HBASE-4626 Filters unnecessarily copy byte arrays (Lars H)
HBASE-4691 Remove more unnecessary byte[] copies from KeyValues (Lars H)
HBASE-4669 Add an option of using round-robin assignment for enabling table
@@ -706,6 +707,7 @@ Release 0.92.0 - Unreleased
HBASE-4603 Uneeded sleep time for tests in
hbase.master.ServerManager#waitForRegionServers (nkeywal)
HBASE-4703 Improvements in tests (nkeywal)
+ HBASE-4611 Add support for Phabricator/Differential as an alternative code review tool
HBASE-3559 Move report of split to master OFF the heartbeat channel

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