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All changes are applied through the config.json file which is included with the mod download. The values that come with the mod provide a "Normal" MultiMod experience. If you want to start from scratch, there is a file with pre-configured vanilla settings available on Nexus

config.json descriptions

the given values reflect the "normal" version of the mod. if you start with the "vanilla" configuration, you should reference the Description of the values and adjust as you please

Name Value Description
DayNightSpeed 1.0 change the speed of day/night. affects strange things like crafting speed and plant growth
AttackLastTargetSwimVelocity 2.0 2.0 means they swim twice as fast. 1.0 is default
AttackLastTargetCrawlVelocity 2.0 ^ for crawling
SpotlightPowerPerSecond 0.05 the amount of power drawn by spotlights, 0.2 is default
SpotlightUpdateInterval 20.0 3.0 is vanilla
TechlightPowerPerSecond 0.05
TechlightUpdateInterval 20.0 ^ for techlight
MinDrillableAmount 2 each time the deposit breaks down, you will get at least this much
MaxDrillableAmount 5 each time the deposit breaks down, you will get at most this much
DrillableSpawnChanceMultiplier 2.0 2.0% chance to get loot while drilling, breaks the deposit faster
ExosuitStorageWidth 6 how many squares wide
ExosuitStorageHeight 4 how many squares tall
ExosuitWidthPerStorageModule 0 how many extra squares wide per storage module
ExosuitHeightPerStorageModule 1 how many extra squares high per storage module
ExosuitThrustConsumption 0.04 amount of thrust consumed while thrusting
ExosuitClawDamageToLiving 100.0 damage done to things you punch
ExosuitDrillDamageToLiving 16.0 damage done to things you drill
ExosuitGrapplingArmRange 70.0 max range of the grappling hook
ExosuitGrapplingArmDamage 0 increase this to give the grappling hook damage. a value between 20-50 would be reasonable
GravsphereMaxTrapped 24 max number of things a grav sphere can trap
GravsphereMaxForce 30.0 amount of force applied by the grav sphere
SwimChargeFinsModifier 0.005 the amount of charge returned to your handheld tool while swimming
PlayerInventoryWidth 8 how many squares wide
PlayerInventoryHeight 8 how many squares tall
PlayerDamageTakenMultiplier 1.0 a value of 1.0 would mean no change from default. 2.0 would be double. 0.5 would be half
VehicleDamageTakenMultiplier 2.0 ^
SubDamageTakenMultiplier 2.0 ^
StorageContainersStack true
SeamothReinforcementModuleDepth 1600.0 the amount of extra crush depth when the reinforcement mod is turned on
SeamothHullMarkOneDepth 100.0 the amount of extra crush depth when the Mk1 module is used
SeamothHullMarkTwoDepth 100.0 the amount of extra crush depth when the Mk2 module is used
SeamothHullMarkThreeDepth 100.0 the amount of extra crush depth when the Mk3 module is used
SeamothStorageContainerWidth 6 how many squares wide
SeamothStorageContainerHeight 6 how many squares tall
VehicleForwardForceMultiplier 1.5 changes the speed of holding forward in a vehicle
FireExtinguisherHolderRechargeValue 0.005 set to 0 to disable recharging the fuel when placed in a holder
CyclopsThermalReactorEfficiency 2.0 subnautica's default value is 1.5
CyclopsTurningTorqueMultiplier 1.5 set to 1.0 for vanilla
CyclopsForwardAccelMultiplier 1.5
CyclopsVerticalAccelMultiplier 1.0
SwimToMeatVelocity 8.0 how quickly the creature swims towards something it can eat, that isn't the player
ScannerSpeedNormalInterval 14.0 the default interval in seconds for locating a new blip
ScannerSpeedMinimumInterval 1.0 sets the fastest rate that your scanner can run at, after other adjustments
ScannerSpeedIntervalPerModule 3.0 each speed module added removes 3.0 seconds from the interval
ScannerBlipRange 1000.0 how far your holomap will reach. also increases cutoff distance on the HUD icon
ScannerMinRange 600.0
ScannerUpgradeAddedRange 100.0 the added range of the scanner per range module
ScannerCameraRange 1000.0 the distance where the camera begins to get noise/fuzz. the full sugnal is lost at 2.05x this number
NitrogenEnabled false nitrogen is a default mechanic in the game, depricated but still available
UnlockHullPlates false if you would like access to the promotional hull plates, set to true
AllowAchievementsWithConsole false if you want to still unlock steam achievements after using console commands, set to true
SwimChargeFinsModifier 0.005 this is the default recharge value for the swim charge fins. modify as needed
FireExtinguisherHolderRechargeValue 0.005 fire extinguisher holders recharge the bottle. set to 0 to disable
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