An accidental haiku identifier utilizing the twitter api, the CMU Pronunciation dictionary, Hibernate ORM, and Spring Web MVC.
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See this project live at!

Sometimes the most meaningful poetry is unintentional.

Twaiku is a natural language processing web app that identifies accidental haikus from public tweets. It is able to reliably detect if it is possible to make a 5/7/5 haiku from the text in a tweet by checking the syllable counts of the words from the most common pronunciations in the CMU pronunciation dictionary. Haikus are then saved in a database, tweeted by a bot, and can then be served to a web page.

Twaiku was made using Spring Web MVC, Hibernate ORM, Bootstrap, twitter4j/Twitter's free APIs, and a bit of elbow grease. It was initially built as the final project for a Grand Circus bootcamp by Tristan Mortimer, Marcus Perez, and Matt Davis.

(if you find joy in the weird accidental poetry of twitter users and would like to see more updates/features, please give a ⭐️ for motivation)