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This app provides integration with Elasticsearch, the popular open source search server based on Apache Lucene

How do I get started?

  1. Ensure Liferay 6.2 running on Java 1.7 (Should work for Liferay 6.1 as long as Java version is 1.7).
  2. Install elasticsearch.
  3. Download Elasticsearch 1.4.0 at http://www.elasticsearch.org/downloads/1-4-0/
  4. Start the elasticsearch server. (Go to elasticsearch-1.4.0 bin directory and double click on elasticsearch.bat windows batch file).
  5. Configure elasticsearch for Liferay
    Add the following lines to the portal-ext.properties file which point to the correct ip address and port of Elasticsearch server. If you want a cluster of Elastic search server addresses you can have comma separated list(since v1.3). The index name also can be specified(since v1.3). Please make sure that index name only starts with "liferay_" since the generic ES mapping template should work.


  1. Restart liferay
  2. Deploy elasticray war in your Liferay installation.
  3. Do a "Reindex all search indexes" on from control panel -> Server Administration

What are Elasticray’s prerequisites?

  1. Mandatory: Java 1.7
  2. Elasticsearch: 1.4.0
  3. Liferay 6.2 CE GA2 (Java 1.7)

What Liferay versions can I use with Elasticray?

Liferay 6.1 and Liferay 6.2 (both CE and EE) but mandatory requirement is Java 1.7

What DB engines can I use with elasticray ?

elasticray has been tested for Tomcat + Liferay + Elasticsearch + Mysql It should work with any DB supported by Liferay - Oracle, Postgres. (The plugin uses Liferay DB connections) We have not tested with these DBs and will appreciate feedback from anyone attempting with Oracle, Postgres or other DBs.

What Elasticsearch versions should I use with Elastciray?

Elasticsearch 1.4.0 is recommended. (Also tested that it works well with elasticsearch 1.3.2)

Should I use the release version or download code from github?

Please use releases for production. Elasticray v1.3 is the latest stable release. Code can be used for development purposes only. Download code if you want to read it and/or contribute.

What is the use of Elasticray?

Its the simplest way to replace SOLR/lucene with elasticsearch in a Liferay deployment. You get all features of SOLR with additional ease of elasticsearch clustering. While SOLR is a great tool, clustering SOLR is a tedious process requiring additional software like zookeper. (link please) Elasticsearch has substantial performance improvements over SOLR. (links from net)

What does “Elasticray” mean?

Elasticray is a combination of Elasticsearch and Liferay

Is Elasticray stable?

Elasticray v1.3 is completely stable.

Who’s behind Elasticray?

R-Knowsys Technologies - A boutique enterprise open source consulting company.

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