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Own version of Megaman X
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Custom version of MegaMan X. Written in Java using Swing library for the UI and IntelliJ for development and testing.


  1. git clone
  2. Open the project in IntelliJ (Don't import or create new)
  3. Build project

Running and Testing

Currently, there are two Run Configurations that have been already defined. These are Run All Tests and Run Program.

Run All Tests will run through all of the unit tests available in the package. Tests are written using JUnit 5.

Run Program will run the project from the start, as if it were an exported jar.

To run any specific file, open it and right-click on the tab, select Run <className>.


To export the project as a .jar file, go to Build -> Build Artifacts -> Build. The jar file will be in directory/out/artifacts/.

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