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R/a/dio - https://r-a-d.io

R/a/dio's site, open-sourced. This is a heavy work in progress.

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Why? I thought you were doing it in python?

We've been "doing it in python" for over a year now. The current implementation is pretty shockingly coded (but hey, it works), and a few decisions for the site were "interesting" (read: horribly insecure if the code was open-sourced), so we've never had it on github.

So @ameliaikeda (Amelia/Chitose) decided to completely redo the site from scratch.

The site is built in Laravel with a bunch of support libraries (see composer.json), History.js, jQuery and some supporting jQuery libraries


Create an issue here if you experience problems with the site when it has launched (until then, keep them to critical-looking bugs in the beta site).

To contact the dev(s), ping Chitose or Vin on IRC (#r/a/dio @ irc.rizon.net) or on Twitter @ameliaikeda


Use https://github.com/R-a-dio/radio-vagrant


The original creators of the r/a/dio site are @Bevinsky and @Wessie.

Occasional theme-hackers and freedom-haters are @9001 (aka Tripflag, ed) and @Tamamoe (exci)

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R/a/dio is licensed under the MIT License.