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Revision history for Nitesi
0.0040 Sat Feb 4 10:17:41 2012 CET
* Allow passing of hash to Nitesi::Cart's add method.
* Add update method to Nitesi::Cart.
* Add quantity and count methods to Nitesi::Cart.
* Add section with cart features to Nitesi's POD.
* Use better example for adding absolute cost to cart.
0.0034 Sat Jan 7 07:56:48 2012 EST
* Use check_password function instead of check method which has
been removed in Crypt::Password 0.23 (#73809).
* Fix password example in account manager's synopsis.
0.0033 Sun Nov 27 11:26:19 2011 CET
* Get rid of -T switch on password tests as a few systems still fail.
0.0032 Sun Nov 13 14:48:34 2011 CET
* Set PATH environment variable to fixed system directories in password test.
* Fix POD example for changing password of an arbitrary account.
0.0031 Mon Nov 7 09:00:07 2011 CET
* Add before_cart_clear and after_cart_clear hooks.
* Add before_cart_rename and after_cart_rename hooks.
0.0030 Sat Oct 29 12:43:03 2011 CEST
* Pass update flag to after_cart_add hook.
0.0020 Wed Oct 26 16:12:08 2011 CEST
* Add inclusive costs to cart class.
* Add cost method to cart class.
* Add has_role method to Nitesi::Account::Manager.
* Extend value method of account manager with setting account values.
* Populate account data in Nitesi::Account::Manager immediately after login.
0.0010 Thu Oct 13 08:42:33 2011 EDT
* Add Account::Manager::Password class.
* Add exists, roles and values method to Nitesi::Account::Manager.
* Remove leading and trailing spaces from username and password
before login.
* Add costs and id method to cart class.
* Add before_cart_add_validate and before_cart_remove_validate hooks.
* Add load method to Nitesi::Class.
* Add tests for remove method of cart class.
* Add short description to Nitesi::Cart's POD.
0.0002 Sat Sep 24 19:34:11 2011 CEST
* Move Nitesi::Account::Provider::DBI to Nitesi::DBI distribution.
* Add remove method to cart class.
* Add uid method to account manager class.
* Let account manager handle missing providers gracefully.
0.0001 Tue Sep 20 16:38:28 2011 CEST
* Initial release
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