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Boilerplate - Road to Part0

Objective: Develop the models for this API.

From the API, we can identify some entities:

  • Die
  • Play (one play) - Collection of Die
  • Game
  • Position
  • Ranking - Collection of Positions

Implement models for these entities

  1. Define the models in JavaScript files
  2. Refer to backbone.js' API on
  3. Include scripts in the index.html
  4. Open index.html in your browser with the debugger
  5. Use the console and try some stuff:
    • Create an instance with specific attributes
    • Register a callback on a changed event
    • Set an attribute to a different value
    • Try setting an attribute that you made up and see what happens
    • Create a collection and add some elements to it
    • Try some of the Underscore methods on the collection
  6. Define a log on the models to show the status

When you're ready advance to the next part

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