a script for connecting to NordVPN P2P servers with OpenVPN on Linux (Ubuntu)
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a script for connecting to NordVPN P2P servers with OpenVPN on Linux (Ubuntu)

It will also launch a daemon for transmission (a BitTorrent client).

Should the VPN connection be terminated or fail, OpenVPN will kill the transmission daemon too.

Built for Ubuntu Linux. It will probably work elsewhere but you may need to edit some things.

Installation and usage info:

Depends on OpenVPN being installed:

$ sudo apt-get install openvpn

Assuming OpenVPN is installed at its default location of /etc/openvpn/.

You will need a NordVPN subscription, and you'll need to download their OpenVPN files.

$ wget https://nordvpn.com/api/files/zip

Those files should be extracted to /etc/openvpn/nordvpn/. Here's a one-liner:

 $ sudo mkdir /etc/openvpn/nordvpn && sudo mv zip /etc/openvpn/nordvpn/ && sudo unzip /etc/openvpn/nordvpn/zip && sudo rm /etc/openvpn/nordvpn/zip

Clone/download this repo, and copy the files to where they should go.

Typically, nordvpn.up and nordp2p.list would go to /etc/openvpn, while nordp2p.sh would go to /usr/local/sbin. That nordp2p.sh file should also be executable.

This one-liner will do that for you:

$ git clone https://github.com/R4mzy/nordp2p.git && sudo cp ./nordp2p/nordvpn.up ./nordp2p/nordp2p.list /etc/openvpn/ && sudo cp ./nordp2p/nordp2p.sh /usr/local/sbin/ && sudo chmod +x /usr/local/sbin/nordp2p.sh

The nordvpn.list file was last generated on 17 July 2017. Nord might have changed their P2P servers since then.
The generation of the list has not been automated because I haven't figured out how to do that yet.

Supply your NordVPN credentials in the nordvpn.up file, which is now in /etc/openvpn/.

See the notes included in the file for more info. I like vim. Use whatever editor you prefer.

$ sudo vim /etc/openvpn/nordvpn.up

Once you have entered your credentials into the file, you might want to lock it down:

$ sudo chmod 640 /etc/nordvpn/nordvpn.up && sudo chown root:root /etc/nordvpn/nordvpn.up 

TODO: confirm this file still works with the commented lines included.

You're mostly done.

Assuming /usr/local/sbin is included in your $PATH variable, you can call the script with:

$ sudo nordp2p.sh

That will give you the usage instructions. You basically just use start and stop.

Automate the thing so it runs on boot (if you want).

Edit your root user's crontab:

$ sudo crontab -e

Add this line to it:

@reboot sudo /usr/local/sbin/nordp2p.sh start

Look at the script file.

If you want to customise things. Or improve them. Suggestions are welcome.