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The Dark Forest

Text-based dungeon crawler with tracking/hunting system and D&D-inspired combat.

How To Run


How to Play


  • Track down and eliminate the terror in the Dark Forest.
  • You start with a knife, search your surroundings for things that will help.

Map Commands

  • 'look' - Look around. Lists items you can pick up and their item IDs.
  • 'n', 'e', 's', 'w', etc. - Move out to another area in that direction
  • 'map' - Draw the map
  • 'attack' - Attack the enemy once you see it
  • 'time' - Tell the time of day
  • 'wait' - Wait for 1 hour
  • 'rest' - Rest for 3 hours (heals hp)
  • 'sleep' - Sleep for 8 hours (heals hp)
  • 'pray' - Pray to Elbereth (takes 1 hour - does nothing currently)
  • 'stats' - Print character stats
  • 'inventory' - Print inventory and item ID
  • 'equip' - Print equipped items
  • 'equip ' - Equip item specified by ID
  • 'unequip ' - Unequip item from equipment slot
  • 'examine ' - Examine item in inventory (specify item ID)
  • 'search' - Search the scene for loot (takes 1 hour)
  • 'take ' - Take an item from the area (specify item ID)
  • 'drop ' - Drop an item from inventory into the scene
  • 'help' - Show all available commands

Combat Commands

  • 'stats' - Print character stats
  • 'inventory' - Print inventory and item ID
  • 'run' - Run from the fight to a random adjacent area
  • 'help' - Print all available commands
  • Attack command (varies depending on weapon, e.g. 'pierce' w/ dagger)

Gameplay tips

  • Search discarded item piles, you might get lucky!
  • It might take a few tries to get something from your search, but there's always something there
  • Follow clues, recent clues will be "fresh"
  • There's a chance that the boss will attack you when encountered
  • 'run' from combat and 'rest' or 'sleep' if you are low on HP
  • The boss heals naturally outside of battle
  • Certain commands take time to perform, the enemy might sneak up on you
  • Game commands have shortened forms, use the 'help' command in-game to see.

Unofficial Story

  • Fantasy setting inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien and other authors
  • On the night of the new moon, the guardian of the dark forest, corrupted and driven mad by an unknown evil, ravages the surrounding countryside.
  • You are a youth, armed with only a hunting knife, on a mission to stop this from happening again, before the next new moon.

Current Features

  1. Map
  • Procedurally generated topography
  • 24-hour game clock with day/night cycle
  • Explore and find better equipment
  1. Characters
  • One Player character and one Boss character
  • Randomly generated character attributes
  1. Items
  • Weapon and armor available to be found as treasure
  • Certain items require base stats of a certain level to be equipped
  • Equipping items gives stat bonuses
  • Equip different weapons to use different attacks
  1. Tracking
  • Agent-based tracking: the boss moves across the map as an individual entity
  • Boss leaves clues as it moves
  1. Combat
  • Loosely based on D&D 3.5e
  • Boss has a chance of initiating combat if encountered
  • Boss has a chance to run from combat at low HP
  • Player can run from combat (incur extra enemy attack)
  • One action per character per turn, alternating turns

Planned Features

  1. Gameplay
  • More coherent behaviour model for the boss based on its backstory
  • Environmental features have bigger impact on gameplay
  1. Map/Environment
  • Time limit to story mode
  • Phases of the moon and weather
  • More coherent environment generation (rivers connect across scenes, etc.)
  • More environments (currently only mixed forest)
  1. Flavour text (descriptions)
  • Extract all flavour text into own file
  • Expand on descriptions
  1. Items
  • Consummables
  1. Character Update
  • Character classes
  • More boss types
  1. Interface
  • Graphical (ASCII-based) game interface

Next Major Update

  • Core gameplay update: boss movement behavior update

Next Minor Update


simple text-based dungeon crawler



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