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Questionnaire mobile application for RADAR-base
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bitHound Dependencies bitHound Dev Dependencies

Hybrid mobile application to actively capture data for the RADAR-CNS Platform.


We use the Ionic framework, which is built with Angular and wraps Apache Cordova.


First install Node.js and Yarn.

Globally install ionic and cordova:

$ yarn global add ionic cordova

In the project folder run yarn to install dependencies:

$ yarn

Cordova provides a simple command to install the plugins and platforms set in package.json or config.xml.

$ cordova prepare

To run the application in the browser use:

$ ionic serve


Use the following command to sort, format and fix common css problems:

$ yarn fix:css


To add the Android platform. You need to have the Android SDK pre installed. This step also adds the plugins listed in config.xml to the project.

$ ionic cordova platform add android

Run the app in an Android device:

$ ionic cordova run android

Run the app in an Android emulator:

$ ionic cordova emulate android

Other Config Options

Create a file in src/assets/data/secret.ts and add the following configuration -

// The End point where the protocols for the questionnaires scheduling is hosted
export const DefaultProtocolEndPointExport: string = ''

// The client credentials for OAuth authorisation with the Management Portal
export const DefaultSourceProducerAndSecretExport: string = '<aRMT-client>:<aRMT-secret>'

Also if using FCM pull notifications instead of the local ones, please specify the FCM sender id (as mentioned in FCM settings) in src/assets/data/defaultConfig.ts

export const FCMPluginProjectSenderId: string = 'your-sender-id'

Also change the Default endpoint of where the RADAR-base platform is hosted.

export const DefaultEndPoint: string = 'https://your-hosted-radar-platform-base-url/'
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