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This application is designed to poll the Fitbit web API and post data to a Kafka topic.

This repository is intended to be configurable using a web API and by updating a local configuration on app start.


  • Node
  • Kafka
  • Zookeeper (for Kafka, this app does not depend on Zookeeper)


  1. Install latest version of node from
  2. Clone this repository
  3. Run npm install


All configuration can be updated by modifying configuration in the config folder / config.json file

	"host": "http://localhost", //updates the hosting location of this app
	"port": "3000", //updates the port of this app optional
	"fitbit": {
		"clientId": "YOUR FITBIT CLIENT ID",
		"clientSecret": "YOUR FITBIT CLIENT SECRET",
		"apiVersion": "1.2",
		"callbackRoute" :"/auth/fitbit/callback", //callback route for Fitbit
		"authRoute": "/auth/fitbit", //initial authorization 
		"dataAuthorized": "activity heartrate location nutrition profile settings sleep social weight", //data you wish to authorize for a specific Fitbit source
		"authorizationHTML": "Fitbit authorized!" //HTML shown on authorization screen
		"enabled":true, //starts polling on app launch
		"frequency": "3000", //frequency of polling
		"routesPolled": [ //determines which time series data to poll for
		"enableWebRoutes": true, //disables or enables access to web based polling control via web
		"stopPollingRoute":"/polling/stop", //route for stopping the poller
		"startPollingRoute":"/polling/start" //route for starting the poller
		"host": "http://localhost:9092" //route for default Kafka instance
		"enableWebRoutes":true, //enable or disable visibility into source IDs and OAuth Tokens via web


Adding a device

  1. Ensure to update the Fitbit client secret, client id, and callback URLs
  2. Start the app after installation by running npm run start
  3. Add authorized devices by visiting the server auth URL, by default this is https://localhost:3000/auth/fitbit but this is configurable in the config.json file

Stopping the poller

  • Visit the server at /polling/stop

Starting the poller

  • Visit the server at /polling/start

Getting a list of all devices

  • Visit the server at /sources/list

Deactivating a device

  • Visit the server at /sources/delete?user={ADD FITBIT ID HERE}

Deleting a device

  • Visit the server at /sources/deactivate?user={ADD FITBIT ID HERE}
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