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RADAR pRMT Faros plugin
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Faros RADAR-pRMT plugin

Plugin for the eMotion Faros 180 and 360 devices. The source code for device interaction is closed and maintained by The Hyve. For more information, please contact The Hyve.


First, add the plugin code to your application:

repositories {
    maven { url  '' }
    maven { url  '' }

dependencies {
    runtimeOnly 'org.radarcns:radar-android-faros:0.1.2'


Change the Faros device configuration from Datalogger mode to Onlinemode through Faros Manager Software.

This plugin takes the following Firebase configuration parameters:

Name Type Default Description
bittium_faros_acceleration_rate int (Hz) 25 How frequently acceleration values are collected. Use 0 to disable acceleration data.
bittium_faros_acceleration_resolution float (g) 0.001 Resolution of acceleration values. A higher resolution will result in lower range.
bittium_faros_ecg_rate int (Hz) 125 How frequently ECG data is collected. Use 0 to disable ECG data.
bittium_faros_ecg_resolution float (µV) 1.0 Resolution of ECG values. A higher resolution will result in lower range.
bittium_faros_ecg_channels int 1 Number of ECG channels to activate. Faros 360 supports 3 channels, other devices support 1.
bittium_faros_ecg_filter_frequency float (Hz) 0.05 High pass filter frequency for the ECG channel.
bittium_faros_temperature_enable boolean true Whether to send temperature readings. Only the Faros 360 supports temperature readings.
bittium_faros_inter_beat_interval_enable boolean true Whether to send inter-beat-interval readings.
bittium_faros_battery_interval int (s) 60 = 1 minute How often to send the battery level. Use 0 to disable precise battery level collection and opt for approximate battery level instead.

This plugin produces data for several Kafka topics. All value types are prefixed with the org.radarcns.passive.bittium namespace.

Topic Type Description
android_bittium_faros_acceleration BittiumFarosAcceleration Acceleration values.
android_bittium_faros_ecg BittiumFarosEcg ECG signal.
android_bittium_faros_inter_beat_interval BittiumFarosInterBeatInterval Inter-beat-interval derived from the ECG signal.
android_bittium_faros_temperature BittiumFarosTemperature Temperature.
android_bittium_faros_battery_level BittiumFarosBatteryLevel Battery level. If battery_level_interval is set to 0, this is an approximation.


Code should be formatted using the Google Java Code Style Guide, except using 4 spaces as indentation. Make a pull request once the code is working.

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