This is Arduino SDK for CREATOR Arduino board,CREATOR,CREATOR PRO
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Use guide

1.First: download the Arduino IDE.see the link :

2.Secend: download the CREATOR Arduino library. Arduino IDE 1.6.5 support third party hardware by providing hardware configuration. You need add CREATOR's configuration in "File" -> "Preferences". And fill below URL in "Additional Boards Manager URLs:"

We also suggest to enable "Show verbose output" options on "compilation" and "upload" in Preference.

Open "Device Manager" in "Tolls" -> "Board" -> "Board Manager". Wait for IDE update core configuration. Schroll down the menu, you will see RAK CREATOR in the list. Press "Install" at the right side.

Select CREATOR in "Tools" -> "Board" -> "CREATOR RTL8711". Now you are able to develop Arduino code and upload image onto CREATOR.