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update with the latest semtech lora_gateway(v 5.01) & packet_forwarder(v 4.01)
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based on the latest SX1301 driver lora_gateway v5.0.1 and semtech packet_forwarder v4.0.1

Note: This project is only used for USB interface of RAK833 + Raspberry Pi, if you want to use SPI interface of RAK833 + Raspberry Pi, please use this project: But you should notice the reset GPIO pin definition which is the value of SX1301_RESET_BCM_PIN macro in the file, it is pin17 now, and you can modify this value according to your hardware.

Supported platforms

This project currently provides support for the below platforms.

  • RAK833/RAK2247


2019-06-18 RAK V2.8

  • 1.Add eth0 config
  • 2.After the network is disconnected, lora_pkt_fwd restarts
  • 3.Modify loraserver.toml for us915 and cn 470
  • 4.Streamlined local_conf.json files

2019-05-06 RAK V2.1R

  • Add loraserver
  • Add AP mode

Installation procedure

step1 : Download and install Raspbian Stretch LITE

step2 : Clone the installer and start the installation

  $ git clone ~/rak833-loragateway
  $ cd ~/rak833-loragateway
  $ sudo ./

step3 : Now you have a running gateway after restart! in additon you can check the log info at /var/log/syslog.

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