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RAKwireless,RAK811,Lora Module,WisNode_LoRa,SDK,AT Command
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Note: This repository will be closed. Please check the new firmware source code of RAK811 here:


A LoRa module based on STM32L151 and SX1276 is designed to support the 868/915 band. Supported regions are EU868, US915, AU915, AS923, IN865, and KR920.

This project contains the following information:

  1. Module specification
  2. Module AT command firmware
  3. Module AT Command Manual
  4. Module schematic
  5. Module package information
  6. Module reference design
  7. Module certificate
  8. Module Arduino Library
  9. Module SDK library
  10. Module LoRa Platform Application Manual
  11. Module Development Board WisNode_LoRa User Manual
  12. Module Development Board WisNode_LoRa schematic
  13. Module upgrade method
  14. Module upgrade tool
  15. Win driver of WisNode_LoRa development board serial port
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