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The aim of this project is to help users to use the RAK Raspberry Pi Developer Gateway more easily. The User Guide can be get from our Web(

Supported platforms

This project currently provides support for the below platforms.

  • RAK831(Choose RAK2245)
  • RAK2245
  • RAK7243/RAK7244 no LTE
  • RAK7243/RAK7244 with LTE
  • RAK833(USB)(Choose RAK2247 USB)
  • RAK2247(USB)
  • RAK833(SPI)(Choose RAK2247 SPI)
  • RAK2247(SPI)
  • RAK2246
  • RAK7248 no LTE (RAK2287 + raspberry pi)
  • RAK7248 with LTE (RAK2287 + LTE + raspberry pi)
  • RAK2287(USB)
  • RAK7271(Choose RAK2287 USB)
  • RAK5146(USB)
  • RAK7371(Choose RAK5146 USB)
  • RAK5146(SPI)
  • RAK5146(SPI) with LTE

Installation procedure

step1 : Download and install latest Raspberry Pi OS Lite

step2 : Use "sudo raspi-config" command, enable spi and i2c interface, disable login shell over serial and enable serial port hardware.

step3 : Clone the installer and start the installation (More installation options can be found in "sudo ./ --help").

  $ sudo apt update; sudo apt install git -y
  $ git clone ~/rak_common_for_gateway
  $ cd ~/rak_common_for_gateway
  $ sudo ./

step4 : Next you will see some messages as follow. Please select the corresponding hardware model.

  Please select your gateway model:
  *	 1.RAK2245
  *	 2.RAK7243/RAK7244 no LTE
  *	 3.RAK7243/RAK7244 with LTE
  *	 4.RAK2247(USB)
  *	 5.RAK2247(SPI)
  *	 6.RAK2246
  *	 7.RAK7248 no LTE (RAK2287 SPI + raspberry pi)
  *	 8.RAK7248 with LTE (RAK2287 SPI + LTE + raspberry pi)
  *	 9.RAK2287 USB
  *	 10.RAK5146 USB
  *	 11.RAK5146 SPI
  *	 12.RAK5146 SPI with LTE
  Please enter 1-12 to select the model:

step5 : Wait a moment and the installation is complete.

step6 : reboot your gateway.

step7 : Now you can use "sudo gateway-config" to configure your gateway.


If you want to build or use docker image, you can access repository.