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Bias Variance Decompositions using XGBoost

This repository contains experiments for the Nvidia devblog post "Bias Variance Decompositions using XGBoost".


pip install xgboost distributed

Running experiments

These experiments are set up to run on a distributed cluster. They can easily be run on a local machine by replacing the following line, although they may be time-consuming

# client = Client('')
client = Client()

To run all experiments:


Images will be output to images/

Creating your own experiment

Add your own function based on this template

def experiment_gbm_subsample(client):
    subsample_range = np.linspace(0.1, 1.0)
    models = [xgb.XGBRegressor(max_depth=15, reg_lambda=0.01, subsample=subsample) for subsample in
    futures =, models, generator=generate_rosenbrock)
    results = client.gather(futures)
    plot_experiment("Bias Variance Decomposition - Gradient Boosting", "Subsample", subsample_range,

Add any iterable set of scikit-learn compatible models.

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