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NodeJS Dice Rolling with Strong Typescript Support

What is this?

It's a dice roller, used for generating rolls that you might use in popular Tabletop Role-playing Games.

import { roll, D20, dieFactory, FairCoin, Coin } from 'randsum'

// Roll a single D20

// Roll 4 D20
roll({ quantity: 4, sides: 20 })

// Roll 4 D6, drop the lowest
roll({ quantity: 4, sides: 6, modifiers: [{ drop: { lowest: true } }] })

// Do the same, but with dice notation

// Roll 4 Fudge dice
roll({ quantity: 4, sides: ['+', '+', '-', '-', ' ', ' '] })

// Roll a single D20

// Make a new 120 sided die and roll it
const D120 = dieFactory(120)

//'heads' or 'tails'?

Written in 100% Typescript with strong attention paid to return types. You depend on randsum to give you what you expect - just not always the roll you want.

// `standardRollTotal` is `type number`
const standardRollTotal = roll({sides: 20}).total

// `customSidesRollTotal` is `type string`
const customSidesRollTotal = roll({sides: ['+', '+', '-'. '-', ' ', ' ']}).total

Further Reading

Getting Started - Installation and Documentation for using randsum

Roll Dice Notation - A guide for using Dice Notation with randsum.

Contributing - help make randsum better!

Sophie's Dice Notation - a great dice notation guide that helped me along the way

_why's poignant guide to ruby - _why not?

Why did you make this?

Sometime around 2012, I decided I wanted to learn to program. I had installed ruby on the best laptop six-hundred dollars could buy, set to make a dice roller as an easy first project.

I spent an easy 30 minutes trying to figure out how to make rand(n) return 1...n instead of 0...(n-1).

When I found the answer, I laughed and laughed. I've been chasing that high ever since.