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New version to go online Nov 2011

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Construction of the RANSAC package for Matlab/Octave
+-. Make sure the latest version of the pdf of RANSAC4Dummies is ready
-. Launch Matlab/Octave and cd to the directory containing the revisioned version of the RANSAC toolbox
-. Execute the script SetPathLocal.m
--. Make sure the directory RANSAC-toolbox exists in the right place (check also the parameters)
+-. Make sure the directory RANSAC-toolbox exists in the right place (check also the parameters inside the script)
-. Make sure the programs dos2unix and unix2dos are present in the path
-. Launch the script CreateRANSACToolbox.m after having checked the parameters
-. Copy the files RANSAC_XX-XXX-XXXX -> inside the web site folders
1 README.txt
@@ -52,6 +52,7 @@ Acknowledgments
I would like to thank the following people for their useful feedback:
+Dong Li - pointed out some bug in the example files
Tamar Back - suggested to check the parameter sigma
Frederico Lopes - raised the issue of repeated points in the homography estimation
Jayanth Nayak - pointed out a bug in the estimation of the lines
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