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prolifiCal - Calendar App


A full-stack MERN Calendar App

Live Site


Technical Requirements

  • MERN App (front end and backend, using MongoDB, React, and Node.js)
  • CRUD functionality
  • Implement thoughtful user stories
  • Have a visually impressive design
  • Be deployed online so it's publicly accessible

User Stories

  • When I look at my calendar, I want to be able to see not only if I have events on a particular day but also how many events I have that day. For easier visiblity, I want to be able to assign colors to my events and have those colors show up on the month view. I'd also like to be able to see a snapshot of my day or week (the ability to choose) below my monthly view so that I can see general AND more specific.
  • I have multiple day events and I don't want to have multiple, single dots denoting singular events. Rather, I'd like multiple day events to be denoted by a line or something continuous so that I know that what I see on my calendar is longer than a day rather than a single-day event.

Our Process

Sprint 1:

Trello Board

  • We started by trello-boarding, working on wireframes for the different views, and discussing user stories/what we wanted in terms of functionality.


Mobile View: Month Mobile View: Week Mobile View: Day Desktop View: Month Desktop View: Week

Sprint 2:

Trello Board

Technologies Used

  • Mongodb
  • Express
  • React
  • Node.js

React Components

  • Home
  • Profile

Backend Routes

POST /auth/signup Adds new user to user database
POST /auth/login Authenticates login details
POST /auth/me/from/token Checks if token is present on browser refresh
POST /calendar/all Finds all calendars associated with a user
POST /calendar/oneCal Finds a single calendar associated with a user
POST /calendar/addHoliday Adds holidays to the user's chosen calendar
POST /calendar/add Creates a calendar
POST /calendar/edit Adds a contributor too the calendar
POST /calendar/editName Edits the name of the calendar
POST /calendar/events Shows all events for a month
POST /calendar/one Add an event to the calendar
POST /calendar/editone Edit a single event
POST /calendar/event/delete Delete a single event

Next Steps

  • Week view
  • Change icons for different events
  • More advanced styling

Getting Started

  • Fork and clone this repository
  • Run npm install in both the parent folder and in the client folder to install dependencies
    • Use nodemon to run the whole app (or npm start from the client folder for only the front end)
    • Create a .env file in the parent directory with:
      • JWT_SECRET for authentification
      • API keys


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