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Emu is a simple systems language ala C. Emu is built from Haskell, C++, and LLVM.

How far along is Emu?

Emu is "complete" in the sense that I've implemented all the features I set out to implement when I started the project. If I feel like adding more (a good module system, comptime arguments, etc.), I will, but no promises.

  • Basic CLI interface
  • Parser & AST
  • Semantic analysis
  • Haskell to C++ marshalling
  • LLVM code generation
  • Fleshed out command line interface
  • Comptime evaluator
  • Full language semantic checking
  • Core language feature-set
  • Documentation


To build emu, you will need GHC, Cabal, g++, and LLVM installed. You should install g++ and LLVM through your system's package manager. To install GHC & Cabal, I recommend you use GHCup. To build the project, just run

cabal build

in the project root. The built executable will be at dist-newstyle/build/<OS>/<ghc-version>/<emu-version>/x/emu/build/emu/emu. To build the provided tests / examples, you will need GNU make. Navigate to the tests/c-tests directory and run

make all

There is an Emacs major mode in the emacs directory. To use it, add

(autoload 'emu-mode "emu-mode" nil t)

to your init.el file.


There is a tutorial for writing Emu code at docs/