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Visual component editor (for React components initially)
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Web-based editor for components. Initially for React components with React-Bootstrap preset of components

Running your project

just with live reload:

$ npm start

in dev mode (with sourcemaps)

$ npm run dev


$ npm run build


  • refactor Frame (ReFlux?)
    • get rid of workspace-specific props in exported jsx
  • add ability to delete active component (+by del key)
  • selecting custom components as well as standard
  • save custom components names on enter hit and set focus into field
  • add more components
    • to bootsrap pane
    • standard pane (iterator etc)
    • ability to import components
      • build-in libraries
      • export from npm (?...)
    • html (pane? editor?)
  • beter prpopety management
    • list through propTypes
    • custom porps
      • already definde custom props
    • save props on blur or on enter hit
    • move styles to other tab
    • get rid of inline functions
    • logic and props bindings ({}, {this.doBar})
    • edit inner text
    • add availability to go to parent element
    • propmaps?
  • make text editable from workspace, not from props pane
  • switch components states (pages)
  • preview
  • logic management
    • button and pop-up for it, available only for custom components
  • impots
    • panes to injecte collections?
    • text of imports
  • deal with real files (FileSystem API, server call and json or at least data uri
  • package.json creator
  • component diagramm
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