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Ultimate File Manager for Upload/ Backup TE OP-1 patches and tapes projects on the go.
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Common issues from the OP-1 users is that OP-1 doesn't support projects and the unit only allow certain amount of patches. I am currently developing a compact hardware tool that can easily swap and backup all the user patches and projects. This unit can benifet for users who don't want to connect their OP-1 to their computer. Or performers who wants to switch patches, and projects on the go. And allows the user to store all their OP-1 files in one place and store as much patches as whatever the SD card's capacity is available. The device will be low cost and compact.


  • Quickly Upload/Backup Projects(tapes and album) form OP-1
  • Load/Backup Snapshots patches
  • Load Specfic Patches or Packs(Folder that contains multiple patches)
  • Monitor remain available patch slots on the OP-1

Support this project

If you like my project, please support to keep this project going. Thank You!
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Where can I get my unit?

This project is still under developing. Eventually I wish to bring this project into production.
Fill this form if you are interested buying one Buy Request Form

Hardware (Future Implement)

  • Raspberry Pi Zero W + SD card (16GB reccomended)
  • Uses 128x64 OLED Panel, a D pad, and two buttons for controll
  • Uses OTG USB to Communicate with OP-1

Stuff I Want to add

  • Midi host, CV and Trigger hardware output.
  • Battery Powered
  • Casing


  • RPI W
  • 4000mAh 3.7V Lipo Chell + BMS

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