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A xml service for cisco ip phone to provide a dynamic phonebook from a vcf file
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Gopher image A xml service for cisco ip phone to provide a dynamic phonebook from a vcf file


This service generates a direcotry.xml file used for cisco phone to show a phonebook. If you want to use the cisco phone with the SIP firmaware and with your own sip gateway like a Fritz!Box. There is no build in way to access a phonebook on the phone. The idea was to generate such XML from a normal VCF File which can exported from iCloud for example and provide these contacts to your cisco phones


At startup the service need a vfc file with contacts that are will showed on the cisco ip phone. Place a vfc file named contact_export.vcf in the /src/phbook/contact_export.vfc before starting the service or building the Docker-Image.


To provide configuration data for your phone, you have to setup an TFTP-Server. The docker image already contains a TFTP-Server which is already setup. Setup the TFTP-Server URL in the phones newtwork settings.

The Configuration files need a specific name : SEPA followed by the Mac-Adress from the phone in uppercase .xml. An example file can be found in the /src/pbook/tftpboot/ directoy. All files present in thits directory can be accessed by the Docker-Image TFTP-Server. So simply edit them.

After you setup the config file to your needs, you have to edit the line: <directoryURL>http://URL_TO_SERVICE:3012/cisco/menu.xml</directoryURL> This says the phone where it can found this phonebook service.

Or you can setup a shortcut button to open the Phonebook by using:

   <line button="2"> 

REPLACE URL_TO_SERVICE with the external IP of your docker container


To build the docker-image named ciscophonebookgenerator you can use the script /src/phbook/

Run the Docker-Image by using: docker run -itd -p 3012:3012 -p 69:69 --name ciscophonebookgenerator ciscophonebookgenerator

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