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A calendar parser to parse the waste bin calendar of aachen and provides a simple to use api
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Gopher image A calendar parser to parse the waste bin calendar of aachen and provides a simple to use api


Go to the Aachens ServiceCenter Website ( and insert your street and streetnumber to get your calendar.

Click on the button DOWNLOAD ICAL to download the calendar file.

Rename the calendar to calendar.ics and place it in the root directory (/src/api/data_volume/calendar.ics) of the script, where the server.js file is located.


If you have NodeJS installed, you can simply run node /src/api/server.js or you can use docker (see below). If the API is started you can browse to to explore the API.

  • /rest/all_events - Show all found events

  • /rest/get_next_events- Shows all next events

  • /rest/get_events_of_the_day - Lists all events for the day

  • /rest/get_events_of_the_day/:color/:simplified Return if a event for a specific bin color is present for this day. I used it to integrtate the API in FHEM

  • /rest/get_color_events_of_the_day/:simplified A simplified Version of /rest/get_events_of_the_day for easy parsing with an microcontroller

  • /rest/calendar_need_update - Returns 1 if only three events in the calendar left. So. a reminder to update to a new one

Some API endpoints have the :simplified parameter: The normal response is JSON, but on embedded devices its a big overhead to use a json decoder. So if the parameter is set to 1 the output is much simpler.

  • /rest/get_color_events_of_the_day/0 -> {'bin':['blue','black']} JSON output
  • /rest/get_color_events_of_the_day/0 -> blue','black simplified output


If you want to use docker, first you have to build the image. Run bash /src/api/ to build the API with the image name recycling_calendar_api.

To run the docker image simply cd into the /src/api directotry and run: docker run -itd -p 3015:3015 --name recycling_calendar_api -v $(pwd)/data_volume:/usr/src/app/data_volume recycling_calendar_api

The image a the data_volume-Volume so you can easy access the calendar.ics file. After replacing the File you can use the API or restart the container to parse the calendar file again.


To modify the list avariable bin types like Paper,Organic, Residual Waste you can edit the array in line 28 of the server.js. The im portant value is BIN_KEYWORDS. A calendar event description will be searched for the word in BIN_KEYWORDS. You can specify a color for the type of waste in color_desc this value will be returned from the api call /rest/get_color_events_of_the_day. Or you can add own json keys for your needs.


Ok now you have an API, but i tink a device to show which bin will be the next would be nice. So by using a ESP8266 and some mechanical parts, it notifies you at the day of an event.

The esp8266 uses the. /rest/get_color_events_of_the_day API. The API returns a array of all bin colors they will be taken.

In my example im building the device for four bin types : black,blue,yellow,green.


  • ESP8266
  • 4x 6V Solanoid
  • 4x MOSFETS


Flash the Ardino Sketch (/src/esp8266_sketch/rbn/rbn.ino) to the ESP8266. After startup you will find a wifi called Recycling Notifier Device. Setup your local wifi and reset the ESP8266. Back in your homenetwork visit the ip of your esp8266 with your browser and setup the IP of this REST interface.

  • setup the port to which the mosfets are connected line 27 int output_pins
  • setup the keyword color_desc to which your device react to line 24 String keywords


The ESP8266-12E has the following outputs you can use:

  • D1 = GPIO5
  • D2 = GPIO4
  • D6 = GPIO12
  • D7 = GPIO13
  • D3 = GPIO0

3D Printing


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